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"Trest Gidromontazh" JSC was established in 1935. Since the establishment, the All-Union Order of the Red Banner of Labour "Trest Gidromontazh" of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR has taken part in the construction of more than 300 hydropower projects. It designed and produced more than 2 million tons and installed more than 10 million tons of various equipment and metal structures. Over the years, the unique complexes of the hydromechanical equipment have been constructed and commissioned. They are successfully operating in 52 countries around the world.

By the Order of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for State Property Management No. 2034-p dated November 24, 1993 the All-Union "Trest Gidromontazh" was transformed into "Trest Gidromontazh"Joint-Stock Company, which is its legal successor.

"Trest Gidromontazh" JSC preserved in its structure the special project bureaus and engineering and design bureaus, manufacturing plants and assembly directorates, located on the territory of the Russian Federation, has expanded the composition of its enterprises and maintains business relations with a number of economic entities in the country and abroad.

The certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on the legal entity registered before July 01, 2002 was issued by the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of Russia
No. 46 for Moscow (date of making the entry is October 4, 2002) on the basis of the certificate of registration of SI "Moscow Registration Chamber" dated January 5, 1994 No. 12.703. OGRN 1027739318815.